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I have bought two 19" widescreen LCD monitors to use as TV's in the kitchen and the bedroom, but if I had hair before this weekend, I would be as bald as I am already, tearing out everything! What I didn't think of was that widescreen computer monitors are 16:10, regular widescreen TV's are 16:9, and all non HD TV signals are native 4:3! I have two ATI Radeon All In Wonder 9800 that I'm gonna use for this, the problem is the software.

1. ATI MMC: Choosing "I have a widescreen monitor" and the correct aspect ratio (think it's 16:9 letterbox), I can get the correct AR, with only a half an inch of black bar at the bottom. But that only applies to newer versions. The problem: Lousy picture quality on all versions. An intolerable half second lag (especially for the kitchen since the living room TV is so close I get an annoying echo effect - this is probably because the geniuses at ATI says I have to use TV on demand, which I never use!) on newer versions, wrong AR on older versions.

2. J.River Media Center: Much better picture quality, and everything's very well, except for that I can't fill up the screen. No matter what AR and zoom I choose I will end up with too wide black bars either on the top and bottom, the sides or both. A shame, because if I could get this working I would have everything running within JRMC on those two computers, with the Theater View I love.

3. Media Portal: Too few aspect ratio settings, and I can't find a way to zoom freely, only a set zoom. And this as well has a delay. The image quality is every bit as good as with JRMC, though. I may be able to loose the delay if I fiddle with drivers, but I'm not sure.

4. dScaler: Fiddling with ini file setups I could be able to fill the screen, but it has a delay, just like MMC, so it's out.

So is there a program I haven't tried yet? Or any other tips that can get this stuff running as it should? Please!
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