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How do I tell if it's my receiver or towers that are clipping?

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I'm building a new living room theater setup and got enough parts in to do a 2.1 test. I've got an Onkyo TX-NR595 hooked up to a pair of Infinity Primus P363 towers (and center, but was turned off), and a pair of SVS PB-1000 Pro's. I got my basic levels set and played a few test songs like Dream Theater's A Nightmare to Remember because it has some deep bass/rumble with the thunder in the intro, but also good punch when the band comes in.

The subs shake the floor, but I noticed that the towers were starting to distort pretty decently before I expected them to. I originally had the crossover at 100Hz just as a starting point and brought it up to 180Hz on the receiver, but it didn't seem to make a difference. I was streaming via bluetooth from my laptop and I was upping the volume at the receiver, so it wasn't clipping on the input. I've got some proper quality wires running to the towers, so I believe the only thing left is either speaker or amp distortion. Thoughts would be appreciated!

Slightly different issue, but I also noticed, while playing videos, that my sound was delayed by ~2 second (vs the video on screen) but only when connected via BT to the Onkyo (though I haven't tried other input methods). My Dayton Audio DTA-2.1BT2 amp plays right on time using bluetooth, so not sure what's with the Onkyo sound delay...?
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Maybe mention the volume level?

You shouldn't really need to set the speaker crossover any higher than 80Hz. If things are distorting, you're cranking the volume too high. Also, there's no need to have the subs "shake the floor" - if they're doing that, you have it running way too hot, so reduce the gain knob on the sub, too.

There's nothing wrong with your equipment, the solution is to pump the brakes on the volume. Your ears, and neighbours will thank you for that.
One more thing to rule out, using headphones from the receiver to make sure the blue tooth source and settings from laptop are not inferior.

Can't help you with the sync issue.

(P.S. My neighbors love my music.)
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