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How do I troubleshoot WMP 12 "Play To"?

Here is my problem:

I have two DLNA certified TVs. (Both Samsung PN50B650 & LN46C650)

I have 2 Win 7 PCs, one 64 bit and one 32 bit.

The 32 bit Win 7 can stream media to the 64 bit Win 7, and both TVs.

The 64 bit Win 7 can stream media to the 32 bit Win 7, and only one TV.

When I say "stream" I mean I can use the WMP 12 "Play to" function.

On the 32 bit Win 7 PC, it shows both TVs under "Media Devices" in the "Network" section.

The 64 bit Win 7, it only shows the one TV.

Where do I start to troubleshoot this?
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