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How do some current models compare to DVD-RP56

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My Panny DVD-RP56 bit the dust this morning. It sounds as if the motor is completely dead (i.e it makes no sound, tray won't eject, etc.) So I am now in search of a replacement. The RP-56 is connected to a 56" Panny via component inputs. I have been quite happy with it's performance up to this point.

What I can't seem to find after quite a bit of reading and searching is how some of the current models will compare in terms of overall picture quality to the RP-56. I know this older Panny benefitted from the Faroujda chip, and compared quite favorably to anything near it's price range when I bought it several years ago. How does it compare to some of today's budget models? Will I be disappointed if I buy a sub $100 player and expect comparable performance? What would some of you recommend?
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No current under $100 player comes close, you have to get up to $200-300 range. Check on EBAY for a Panasonic XP30 for equal or better quality with good reliability (no spindle motor design problem like the RP56 and RP82).
There are auctions on right now so, if you really want one, do it. I can also tell you there is BuyIt now too for an XP30 as we speak.
Wow, people are really getting top dollar for the XP30 and the RP82.

In an incredible stroke of luck, I got a whim to open the player and see if the motor was easily replaceable. It did not look to be; so my intrusion quickly turned into a quest to recover the DVD that was stuck inside. After removing it, I decided to spin any gears I could see in case there was a flat spot on the motor or something. Much to my amazement, the player was completely functional after reassembly.

However, I'm not going to count on it lasting. Looks like the RP56 can still be had occassionally off of Ebay for
I had the RP56 and now have the Zenith 318 which I paid $160 for and the Zenith has the better picture and that's not even in the upscaling mode, but through s-vhs. I also bought my sister a $70 s32 pansonic and I had it for a few days and I thought it's picture was comparable to the RP-56. I wasn't sure I could tell the difference, but I don't have an HDTV either.
You need a digital/HD TV set to use progressive mode and that uses the de-interlacer, thats what make the RP56/RP82/XP30 special. In interlaced mode to an analog TV (composite or svideo) you won't see much or any difference with cheaper players.
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