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How do you get sound from your pc to your TV?

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My tv has a dvi input, so I can connect it and get video, but how do I get sound from the pc to come from the tv? Its annoying to have the picture in one place and the sound coming from my computer speakers in another.
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Never done this myself but your sound card might have an output on it. It might be a miniplug output so you would have to buy a mini plug to rca plug adaptor and then plug it right in to your tv or AV receiver. Not sure if just the pc itself has an output though in case you don't have a soundcard. Maybe some motherboards do.
I have an nForce motherboard with onboard audio and an optical output which I senbd to my receiver. Your audio out for your PC speakers can be sent to your TV or receiver like the jedi suggested...
get a cord that use use for a ipod to a stereo receiver. same situation different items. basicly its a stereo jack end for your computer and a red and white rca for you tv. My tv has dvr input and there should be a audio for that input to. 10 bucks for one at Radio Shack or Wal-Mart. dont buy a real high dollar ones because its analog audio so they all sound the same. Monster and a for instance Radio Shack brand will sound the same. Also if you really want get a different audio card. Mine is a dynex cheapee and it has optical out for my surround sound.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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