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I just reinstalled TotalMediaTheater on a fresh Vista install, but now my TMT activation code doesn't work. I e-mailed Arcsoft (with my code) and they said I probably used the wrong "Account Name" on the setup screen. Appearently the Account Name you use is linked to the activation cose. I'm sure that is the problem, but I can not get back to the screen where you enter the Acount Name. I even uninstalled the program and reinatlled it but the activation button takes me directly to the screen where you enter the activation password - not the previous screen (where you enter your Acct Name). It looks like the Acct Name screen is only available the first time you install TMT on your system.

I assume the Acct Name is stored in the registry somewhere however, I can not find the location. I really don't want to do a fresh OS install.

Has anyone else had/solved this problem?


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There are a few threads on this actually - and most of them link back to a pretty specific set of instructions for which registry items to delete.

1. Uninstall TMT and ANY other ArcSoft's app installed in your pc (if any).

2. Go to "C:\\Program Files", find and delete the "ArcSoft" folder.

3. Go to "C:\\Program Files\\Common Files", find and delete the ArcSoft folder.

4. Go to "C:\\Documents and Settings\\yourusername\\Local Settings\\Application Data", find and delete the ArcSoft folder.

5. Go to "C:\\Documents and Settings\\yourusername\\Application Data", find and delete the ArcSoft folder.

6. Go to "C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data" find and delete the ArcSoft folder.

7. Open Registry Editor (Start - Run - type in regedit and then hit on OK button). Find following entries and delete the Arcsoft folder in all of them:

a) "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\ArcSoft"


the paths in vista for steps 4-6 are a little different, but show your hidden folders and files and you'll find them all with a little common sense

then reboot-install-reboot-update-reboot

This has been copied a few times throughout this forum - all thanks to the original poster
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