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How Does 720p and 1080i Look On Plasma TVs?

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This pertains to Plasma TVs with a native resolution of 852x480. Also, could anyone direct me to some good links about the pros and cons of Plamsa TV like black level, reliability, etc.? thanks.
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You should check out the FAQ on this very forum. You should also use the search function on this forum.

We extensively have covered this issue about 1000 times.

Let me say that a good 480-line plasma looks phenomenal with 720p and 1080i. In many cases, you will wonder how anything could look better. Many of us have had the chance to see the same issue on two plasmas side by side, one with 768 lines and one with 480 lines. There *is* a difference, but it's small.

This thread I started actually turned out to have some really nice insight into your question:

Why SD Plasma isn't really SD


thanks for the quick replies...the faqs helped a great deal. It looks like Panasonic is the safest bet.
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