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I'll skip the explanation and jump to the questions. I've done something like 100 hours of research on TVs this spring and I've already bought and returned a UN60EH6000 because of a strange motion problem and lackluster viewing angle. I'm also on the fence about going plasma w/ the Panasonic ST50 but I figured I'd cover this ground first:

I love my LN46B630 but I want to go bigger and the LN60C630 is glossy so that's a dealbreaker. Also Sharp Elite and Sony HX929 are out of my price range.

Of all the past CCFLs I've read about, the one that stood out was the Sharp LC60E88UN. It has glowing reviews that frequently praise the X-Gen panel's black levels and viewing angle. I'm interested in getting a refurbished model (since I don't trust NYCPowerSeller's claims that their items are truly "new", and you can't find new anywhere else).

My question is: How well does this TV hold up against current LCD technology, namely panels? Since standards change from year to year, what's "excellent" in a two-year-old review might be less than acceptable now. Was the X-Gen really that amazing? Are its viewing angles even comparable to plasma? Were its black levels much better than any other non-local-dimming LCDs?

Thanks in advance for your responses. I've read through the set's thread but I'm looking for fresh impressions on the TV and the X-Gen panel in general. I'm also very willing to be told "Just go plasma, you won't regret it" because, as is probably the case with many people on this forum, I'm begging for nudges in a certain direction
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