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How does B&K Ref50 compare to Lexicon?

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The subject pretty much sums up my question. Does the B&K Ref 50 come close to competing with a Lexicon (MC-1, MC-12, MC-8) in terms of quality? I know it doesnt have Logic7, but other than that? Or are these 2 totally different leagues of pre/pros?
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Pretty major difference in sonics, Kirby, plus you can't hear the whine at all on the Lex. ;)
hehe, there's that whine thing again! I am going to go audition a Ref50 and a AVR-507 this weekend. Unfortunately, I will probably end up with the 507 (at $2500 new) for no other reason than cost. Even with a trade-in of my old MC-1, I dont think I can justify the cost of the Mc-8 and a new amp. Argh!
EEk giving up a Lexicon? Let me know how it goes. I think I would go through Logic 7 withdrawl.
Already went through it...let me tell you it was absolute h***! I bought into the whole Kenwood Soverign line, with the Entre, and thought I had to have the VR-5900 receiver to make things work. Had I known then what I know now, I couldnt have dumped my amp. The problem I am faced with now is the need for at least 3 component input switching (all HD) and the Kenwood receiver doesnt have that. I still have the MC-1, but its of no help on the component thing. I guess something I didnt think about was getting a new amp, and a component switcher (is it Zektor?) and dump the receiver, but then I cant have any OSD for component inputs. Hmmm.
Pick up an Extron switcher and keep the Lex :) Extron is bound to make something that would work no matter how odd your needs are,
I would say if you have the money to spend now, do it.

Dump the lex while it has trade value to someone.

Let someone take advantage of the upgrade, it will not be worth any more in the future then it's valued right now.

It may even be worth trading towards the MC-8 just to resell that MC-8?

Pocket the proceeds for the new AVR or Proc.

I have not looked at the hard lex numbers yet to see if indeed this would be a viable move, sometimes it works very well.

My vote is the Ref50 is better then the MC-1 in many ways, sound and features.

I have not had a MC-1 in my home but rather a MC-12 for a short while.

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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