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Hello all,

I have a BIC PL-200 subwoofer (and a pair of Cambridge Audio S30 bookshelf speakers powered by Harman Kardon AVR254) for my TV/movie watching and was mostly happy with it but my expectation is low due to the size of a room it?s in (Huge great room with 2-story ceiling and open to other areas, 23"x18"x20" approximately). I do not want to spend too much money on a audio system so I tried to enjoy what I have and the sound was mostly fine for movie and TV watching.

However, it was bad for listening to music especially bass from the PL-200 subwoofer. It was too boomy and not tight at all. I don?t usually listen to bass-heavy music, but listen to pop, jazz and some classical music.

I was thinking about setting up a small system in a bedroom (12"X13"x8") using a spare pair of Energy CB-5 speakers. I don?t have a receiver or amplifier so bought a Dayton Audio DTA-1 (small Class-T amplifier 15Wx2) just for the Energy speakers to use in a bedroom and have it connected to a TV there as well. While searching for a small and affordable subwoofer that I may add to it, I found a used Definitive Technologies Prosub 1000 for a very good price and online reviews seem great for this subwoofer. I?m very budget conscious when it comes to buying stuff that I really don?t ?need? so when I saw this subwoofer available for less than 1/3 of retail price, I wanted to see if I can benefit from replacing the PL-200 with this in my main system or place it in the bedroom for music listening.

So, my questions would be..

Would DT Prosub 1000 be better performer overall than PL-200 in a huge room for movie/music?
Or would I be better of putting it in a smaller room to take advantage of its capacity?
Would using a small Dayton Audio DTA-1 for the bedroom setup be sufficient?

Any feedbacks would be appreciated!
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