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Here's the story, I have a 2 channel setup with two floorstanding speakers and two subs. I have one amplifier for each speaker. I use the DCX2496 for the crossover and eq and I use my preamp to switch sources and volume control.

Right now I have everything setup as follows... Preamp rca output to rca-xlr converter plugs into the DCX A and B inputs.Then, XLR cables out from the dcx to my sub amps (QSC RMX1450) and XLR-RCA converter- rca cable to my other main speaker amplifiers (Odyssey Khartago mono's)

Everything seems to work fine. I did have some buzzing noise through the speakers which I found out was caused by my preamp when it is plugged into my power conditioner. I got rid of that by plugging it directly into the wall through an isolation transformer that I also use for that component... Anyway, There does not seem to be any noise problems. I get plenty of volume out of all the amplifiers the way it is setup but really I do not get the lights on the DCX to go higher than -30 and even then that is when I have it turned up pretty loud. Most of the time they just stay off completely or one will flicker on and off.

I had used a very similar setup in the past for quite a while and was happy with it as is but now I am thinking I am not getting the most out of the DCX running it this way. I ordered the ART cleanbox pro and a couple sets of short XLR cables so I can go from my preamp into the cleanbox then out to the DCX and then also take my main speaker outputs from the DCX into the cleanbox then off to my amps. I hate to add another layer of processing and amplification but it seems like I would get more out of the DCX like this?

The other thing is that I feel like once i get this cleanbox hooked up my sub amps will have to be turned way down as the cleanbox will boost my preamp outputs. On the QSC amps I currently have the volume knob set at 22, Usually in this situation I just crank it all the way rather than be dumping signal to ground but I am not sure if these amps actually have a gain stage built in before the amplifier or not? Hopefully that makes sense.

I am curious how everyone else is running their DCX? Anyone else do what I am planing?
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