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How does Matantz and HK compare musically?

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I am lookin at getting a HK AVR 7200 but was wondering what Marantz model compares to the 7200. Are they Musically and HT competitive? Is one brand far and away better than the other? IE quality, ease of use and features. Thanks guys.
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I'm wrestling with a similar dilemma, although for me it's a choice between the HK 635 and the Marantz SR-7500.

I was greatly impressed by both brand's sound, but I can't audition them side by side because I've had to go to two different dealers to hear them.

From what I recall, the HK would probably have a warmer, lush sound....while the Marantz would have more clarity and focus, although it was warm sounding, too.

Features are very similar.
Man this is one agonizing dilemma. I have also listened to them both but have been unable to do a side by side comparison. It seems that the higher %age of people think the HK's are more musical. I am still not sure.
What Marantz model is comparable to the HK 7200?
Since the HK 7200 is the flagship model for HK, the Marantz one is the SR9300V.

I currently own a Marantz SR 7400 and I absolutely love it. I would recommend a Marantz any day. Before I had the Marantz SR 7400 I bought a Harman Kardon AVR 430 and had lots of problems with it (overheating, audio drop outs). I think that the HK look way better, but I think the Marantz is much more precise in it's sound. It is warm like the HK, but it seems like it brings out more of the little detail in the music. As far as the Marantz HT part of it goes. It has all the surround sound options plus many of the receivers have THX certification. I recently played LOTR: TT on it and it was amazing with DTS ES. Also, I think that the remotes provided with the Marantz models are much better. Most of them feature lcd screens on the remote and are very detailed, yet simple to use. The HK remote was ok and I liked how it had the built in mic (even though I only used it once), but it still left something to be desired.

One word of advice: if you get a Marantz get it from an authorized dealer, otherwise the warranty is void.
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Thanks Dleming42. That was the type of response I was hoping for. My first impressions of the Marantz told me to go for it but I was swayed by so many others telling me that HK was the better bet. I like the sound of both but it seems like there are alot of people out there with quality issues with the HK's. Thanks again.
I don't own either brand but I am waiting for the Marantz 8500 to debut. I have been reading posts just like this for the past few months and you have people on both sides of the fence.

From what I can gather they are both Excellent Brands and you can't go wrong with either of them.

The best thing to do is audition them both and then decide which one sounds better to you and which one has the most features that you will actually use.

The only thing your going to hear is Y is better than X when I listened to them. Or X has this feature and Y doesn't.

If you can't decide, I'll flip a coin and tell you which one to buy. :D
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Both are great brands. Both perform well with music. To my ears, they are more similar than they are different.

I have never had quality issues with h/k gear in 20+ years of owning the stuff. I have also never had quality issues with Marantz gear.
After a fair bit of comparing several units I came down to the Marantz 7400 and the H/K 430.

I went for the H/K but I can't see how I would have been disappointed with either unit, both were fantastic.
All else being equal, I will go with the HK because of two things: Logic 7, Amp section.
I have the HK 7200; its a wonderful receiver with gobs of power.
I had a HK 7000 and a Marantz 7200. I loved both, the HK has more detail tough but lacks the punch compared to the Marantz in my opinion. But the Logic 7 is really nice :)
I'd choose HK personally for all reasons mentioned above and most importantly Logic 7. It's a strip down version of what's in Lexicon but it's still as desirable a feature, nonetheless.
I have the 7200 and love it! I had a Denon 1803 and was all set to buy a 3803 until I got a great deal on the 7200. There were some closeout sales and I got mine for 1200 off retail. The next day, I saw it in a store for 1100 more. I did listen to several Marantz models in a nice HT store and they were also very nice receivers. I will say that the HK is probably larger and heavier. As a matter of fact, it is VERY heavy and those big amps need some air. I run mine in a stack with an 8-fan cooling unit in between. Also, someone earlier said the 7200 is the flagship model. It was last year but now there is the 7300. I assume you can still find the 7200 in stores or you wouldn't be asking. I thought they were all gone.
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