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How does the PS3 compare to the stand alone Blue Ray players?

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I was wondering how the PS3 performed as a blue ray player compared to the Samsung BDP-1000, Sony BDP-S1, Panasonic DMP-BD10 or the Pioneer Elite BDP-HD1? Is it just as good as the Sony? Is it better than the Samsung BDP-1000? etc......

your thoughts please
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Well I posted a couple of weeks back about comparing my PS3 vs my brothers Samsung BD on my JVC Pro 1080p and we both felt the Samsung had a slight edge in PQ....but it was ever so slight...I really like the PS3 because its more future proof. PQ and AQ are excellent.
I've only had the Sammy and the PS3 and the PS3 wins hands down as the better BD player IMO.
Here's another view from Ultimate AV mag:

PlayStation3 Blu-ray Disc Player

It's rated a Premier Choice:

UAV Recommends. These components offer outstanding performance that is just short of the Ultimate, but still worthy of consideration for your system.

The A1/XA1, Sony and Pioneer stand-alones are the next tier up.
thanks guys, I am just trying to decide if I should wait for a price reduction or 2nd gen Blue Ray player but since there was minimal hardware news from CES the PS3 looks like the one to get.

I will not be able to take advantage of the lossless audio as my receiver does not have HDMI but at least it will be an upgrade over the standard DVD and a downgrade from the HD-A1 5.1 analogs I am enjoying right now.

Soon to be dual format supporter
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