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How does this setup look

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looking to build a new htpc for mostly media storage, maybe pvr later. heres what i came up with.



MB- Asus a8n delux- has onboard spdif

proc- Amd 64 3700+ skt 939

memory- 2 gb corsair xms

gfx- bfg 7600gs

hd-300g seagate(already have) planning on adding atleast one 500g

any comments?
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looks expensive.....

but should suffice for MCE and anything you throw at it. Really the only thing a good HTPC is, is a well put together PC with the right peices of software, once you smooth out the kinks with the codecs and all that it should be smooth sailing from there.

- Josh
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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