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How far can I go

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I want to go with HD satellite. (either brand)

I live in the woods but have a clear shot to the satellites from the rear of my property.

How far can the dish be placed away from the house?
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Not very far. If your cable runs or more than 100' or so, you're going to see some loss. I wouldn't dare go more than 150' on any run.

Keep in mind, that distance includes traveling inside your walls and such to get to your TV once the lines go into the house. That alone can add 50-75 feet to the run.
Would a line amplifier work?

Originally Posted by first capital /forum/post/12849683

Would a line amplifier work?

That's very, very iffy since some amps strip out frequencies that could cause channels not to come through.

You'd be better to look at a higher mount on your roof than run a long cable - even with an amp.
RG6 cable is usually good to 100-150 feet when used for DBS. Amplifiers aren't worth crap - if you need more than 150 feet - look at getting some RG11 coax cable. 300 Feet is easily possible with this stuff but I would only use it on the long straight runs. Within the house drop back to RG6.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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