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How far can I run a Sub RCA style cable?

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I want to move my sub from behind my rack to my watching area (it just sounds weak ).it'll go from a 6 foot Coax RCA cable to a 25 foot. Will it have problems?

will any standard low Ohm RCA cable work?
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No problem.
I needed 50 ft and went with RG6 coax at Radio Shack for $11. At each end I placed a gold plated F-type/RCA adapter ($4 each) so I wouldn't need to do any soldering. This set up worked perfect for me.
Hm...Very nice I like cheap cables, but RG-6 is a bit thick for my intended routing.

How bout some old Thin net cable? I think it's RG-58....
It'll work fine. Shielding isn't as good as the RG-6...

Frankly, a rusty coathanger would work in most situations. Don't worry about it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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