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HOw far is Rochester from Buffalo?

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I am planing a trip up to Alan's place. How far is Rochester from Buffalo ? drive time? Not sure if I am flying up or driving up...


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About an hour...63 miles from the airport.

BTW guys. There is a TERRIFIC manufacturer of audio amplifiers.. right outside of Rochester. Power Modules Inc. That's Dave Belles company. He did the origianl OCM amps from Magnum Dynalab. He was 'Belles' before that. Fabulous stuff. No-nonsense degigns that really stand up to abuse and time. Terrific value for money. Very much like the McCormak amps in sonic qualities. so, he's a great source of product, and he is right in town.... talk about low lead times on delivery...just hop in the car and get it.

Dave is also a GREAT PERSON. That goes a very long way to creating a great working relationship with a manufacturer.



Ken Hotte

[email protected]
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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