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How Good are Pure Acoustics Noble II and SuperNova Speakers?

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I was thinking about getting a pair just cant find any reviews on either of this speakers. Can find a store locally with them. Ive heard they are high end speakers was just trying to get some feed back. What other brand would they compare to in sound. Thanks for any info.
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Pure Acoustics is "yet another" Mom & Pop speaker company out there trying to make it.

They make stuff that works.
Something to consider: they are a 4 ohm speaker. You will need some stout gear to drive them.
Would you say they sound anywhere near polk the rti. They say their high end speakers they look put together good. Thanks for the info.
I had a set of Pure Acoustics Dream C and Dream S that I purchased online for very cheap and they were terrible! The center gave a very irritating sound to voices and they were very fatiguing. After about 30 minutes of listening I could feel the discomfit in my ears. It's like they were all treble sound with no midrange.

Don't know about there other series... but I would recommend you get a good listen to them first before purchasing.

Otherwise I would reckon the Polk rti's to be a safer bet.
Yeah I cant find any sound clips of them or reviews nothing. Im sure theres no where around here that has them on display or if they even know who they are. But I think im gonna go with BIC acoustech speakers or some polk monitor 70's. Thanks for the info.
Not high end at all, very low end.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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