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I have done a search and can find very little information on this. I have always been a computer geek so decided to put together a HTPC. Now I am unclear on how to connected everything together for best viewing pleasure. I was hoping to find a thread where various people have submitted their wiring diagrams or explanations, but couldn't find it.

So I will list what I have and gladly accept anyones recommendations on what I need to add and also how best to hook it all together.

First the PC:

AMD Thunderbird 1.4G with AMD chipset (not VIA)

Abit K7G Board

512 Megs of DDR ram

Gainward GeForce3 PowerPak video

M Audio Audiophile 2496

2 40gig 7200 rpm ATA100 drives

Toshiba DVD Drive

TV Capture Card (Not yet - don't know if I need it. I don't have any OTA HD feed here)

And now the Audio:

Boxlight 38T

Screen (still undecided)

Yamaha Receiver with 7.1 DD/DTS

Sony DTV IRD (soon to be HDTV)

Yamaha DVD Player

Mits VCR

Generic CD Player

Sony 52" XBR TV (older model - non digital)

So there it is. My thoughts are to use existing TV for most regular viewing. And the Projector for DVD movies, and some satellite sports, and HD over the satellite.

Do I need anything else? How best to cable it all together to get maximum flexibility and performance? Any links to others diagrams would be appreciated.


George M

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