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NOTE: I meant to post this to the Def Tech Owners forum....trying to figure out how to delete from here or move to there!

I have a pair of BPVX speakers in a 5.1 system that I would like to mount on the wall to the side and a little behind the couch where most of our listening is done. Right now they are sitting on end tables on either side of the couch, so they are positioned just about ear level and directly to the side.

The room is pretty small and not ideal for speaker placement--the mains (BP-30's) are kind off off-center because they have to be and the center channel (CLR-2000) is on the "floor" about 5-6 feet below the TV--but there's not much I can do about that. Point being I'm probably not ever going to get the ideal placement for this setup, but it still sounds pretty awesome to my ears and once I get the BPVX's situated I might try to see what I can do via the Audessey setup that came with the AVR.

The walls where the BPVX's will go will be a little bit (1-2 feet) BEHIND the couch. I can hang them at just about any height. I'll try and attach a pic or two. If anyone has any bright ideas about how to best position this speaker set in the odd-shaped location, feel free to chime in.

TIA for any pointers.

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