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How I got a GREAT PVHS2000 deal...

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Hope this helps someone else out there.

I have been looking around for sometime now for a good deal on a second Showstopper 2000. After calling around to all the Circuit Cities, all the Best Buys, and all the Tweeters in the area, here's what I found.

If you can get Best Buy to answer their phones, you'll get further than I did. I called 3 in the Mass. area with the same results. No matter how hard you try, you can't get a person who can help on the phone. This is with even asking for a manager!! Good Luck!

All the Tweeters in the area had open box items in stock. None of them would sell below their bought price of $280. (they're lying I'm sure of it) That's not so bad, but only a few of them had any cables, and none of them had the remotes. Tweeter likes to keep these kinds of items (low priced) on display so they can try to upsell you. I've tried numerous times to buy open-boxed items from them. All of them were missing cables and/or remotes. Of course they always had a more expensive item to talk about that had everything! Be warned. They work off commission and don't like to give deals!

Circuit City is still the best store around! When I first started calling around, there weren't any Showstoppers to be found. I then went in to the store and spoke to a sales rep. We looked through all the Mass. stores and found 3 that still had open boxed items. Called the closest one and confirmed it was still in stock. They only charged me $209 for a PVHS2000 with all the cables and remote!! I'm not sure if the rebate is still good, but who cares! $209 rocks!!

To make a too long story short. Go to your closest Circuit City, don't call, and have them look at all the stores for you. It may take a few minutes since they have to look at each one separately, but well worth it!

Good Luck!!
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I am also in Massachusetts. Do you remember which other

CC store locations had the open box Showstoppers? I would

be very grateful.

BTW, the $100 rebate is good thru the end of the year.

Check out http://www.panasonic.com/consumer_el.../promotion.asp

Thanks for any help!!!
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Holyoke has some for $199 last time I called for a friend, about 2 weeks ago.
I just called the Holyoke store and they have one open box for $199 and one sealed box unit left. I asked if I could buy it over the phone and then have my folks pick it up (I live in VA and they live in Agawam) but they said I could only do a remote purchase over the web. Unfortunately, the web says the Holyoke store has 0 availability

That's not correct. They tried the same thing with me. I spoke to a manager and had him look up my past history. He went ahead and made the purchase over the phone and held it for me up front. I then went there the next afternoon and picked it up.

Give them a call back and see what happens.

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