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How importants is LCR versus LR with Phantom

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This is not for true HT setup. It is replacing a Yamaha YSP-5100 Soundbar in which I find the quality of the dialougue is extremely subpar.

The video feed is a Epson Home Cinema 8500 UB . Seating area is 15 feet away. My media console has a footprint of 48" Wide so that is my MAX footprint for any speaker setup in a horizontal setup.

I have little rugrats running around so no floor speakers, etc is a open option.

I did not find any speakers in width that would do a LCR setup just short of ordering a custom Triad Soundbar....

I am narrowing in on a 2.1 setup. The .1 being a F113 which I own already. I am leaning on the B&W CMC2 - pair of them serving LR and letting the receiver do ~phantom~.

Is there any benefit on trying to make a LCR speaker setup ?
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That's very subjective... it really depends on how well your speaker image so they can give the illusion that there is a center. And you're also asking them to play more material at any given time because they're having to play material that would have gone to the center... this would actually put more strain on the system.

I personally love 2 channel when something I recorded (Chuck, Hereos etc) is played in HD and 2 channel and my Rockets are superb at creating the illusion that I have a center on and even at times making me think my surrounds on.

I still prefer to watch material recorded in 5.1... I like using all 5 or 7 speakers best.
Because the angle of your left and right speakers is so narrow at 15', phantom will probably work fine. If you sit off to the side, though, all bets are off for phantom.

I won't even be upset if you don't buy a Triad OnWall Mini LCR 3.0, astounding as it is. Well, I'll be hurt, but I'll be okay in a week... :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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