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Hello all! My apologies if this is directed at the wrong forum - there seems to be some overlap here at AVS. Since my main questions are about audio set-up specific to my current components, I figured this made the most sense.

Basically, probably like many of you, I am anal and like to plan everything out before jumping in. If you wouldn't mind, take a look at my plan and point any errors or suggestions you may have. Nothing is set in stone. I have not started yet, although I would like to keep costs down and try to stick to my current components - mainly because I like them.

What I am going to do is set up a TV, stereo, DVD, and Mac system. I like the simplicity and sound of 2 channels (plus my receiver is a 2 channel). I haven't bought the TV yet, but most likely will be a current 46" 1080p LCD (maybe Samsung LN46A650), otherwise I am set with my other items.

I am unsure how to utilize everything for the best audio - which is why I want your help.

Components (everything I already own is in black/everything still to buy blue):
TV - unknown

Receiver - Outlaw RR2150

DVD - Oppo DV-970HD

HD Cable - Comcast DVR

Computer - Mac Mini 1.66 Intel (iTunes library in Apple lossless)
HDMI Switcher - Monoprice 4x1 Enhanced Powered

Speakers: Orb Audio Mod 2

Sub: Outlaw LFM-1

Remotes: iTouch (for iTunes via wi-fi) and Harmony 550

All video will be run through the HDMI Switcher using HDMI-HDMI or DVI-HDMI cables. I want to use the Switcher to make changes easier for the future and to make running 1 cable easier than many since the TV will be wall mounted.

The audio is a little more difficult. The Outlaw RR2150 does not accept HDMI, so I think I need to use L/R Analog RCA cables for the Oppo and Comcast DVR box. Is this correct? Fortunately I can run a USB cable right to the Outlaw from the Mac Mini - I've done this in the past with great results, but is using the RCA's for other components a step down in quality?

Maybe this was much longer winded than it needed to be, but I wanted to give the whole picture and my thought process.

Thanks in advance.

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