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How is SEARS and PriceMatching?

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I have a pretty good price on a Samsung HLN507 written down on a business card from a manager at a local NY B&M.

Has anyone had any luck getting SEARS to pricematch in a situation like this...I know they may meet the price plus another 10% off.

I don't want to go up to a SEARS sales associate just yet but I was just wondering other peoples successes/ or not.
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I think your luck may vary. Some salespeople are desperate to make a sale and will pm in a second and some are very stingy. I think if you establish a repore with a certain salesperson you'll probably be able to get a better price.
thats a good idea.

I did talk to a cute redhead at Sears last week as she let me pick up a clearance dvd/vcr player for the bedroom for $70 bucks down from $120 on the sticker with no hassle at all.
I was able to get my local Sears (Valley Stream) to price match plus 10% off on my 5065W just by telling him they were $200 more than what CC or BB were selling them for, which they were. On top of that, he gave me 18 months no interest for using my Sears card. I can't guarantee he would do the same for you but its worth a shot. He seemed to be negotiable though.

The only problem is that they don't offer the 507W and most Sears employees wont know that they are basically the same set, except the bezel. That might cause you a problem.

PM me if you want the salesman's name.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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