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How is the PQ of a SD signal on the x13 Mitz

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Would like comments from people who own a new mitz. What kind of SD signal they have and there honest opinion of the PQ.

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I too would appreciate comments. I am so disappointed with the SD PQ of my 73711.
As I stated on the hometheater forum, I'm very pleased with the PQ on my 65413. I think the new improvements they've made with this yr's TVs really helped. The only downside is watching football in SD, it not the best. Fortuntely, my 65413 isn't my primary tv so I can watch football on my other set.

PS. I'm on digital cable
Originally posted by Brian5150
The only downside is watching football in SD, it not the best.

:eek: what's wrong with SD football on it? I'm prolly about to buy the 55413...
Ok Im about to purchase it. I hope I like it
I'm not really sure why football doesn't view very well on my 65. The wide shots are kinda fuzzy for some reason, the closeups are pretty good though. I don't think its my connection because FB is very sharp on my 27".
At 65", SD sports doesn't really look great until you are about 15' away, regardless of manufacturer.

From my evaluations at Best Buy, the 313 is equivalent to Toshiba in terms of line doubling. However, the Toshiba did pull in the weaker signals/channels on their modulated cable signals (not a concern if you've got a decent feed). This year, I would say the 480i performance is a wash between Pioneer, Toshiba, Hitachi, and Mits.
My SD looks better than my friend's Hitcachi. Yea football is a little blurry in SD, but looks AMAZING in HD. It seems like 90% of football this season is avail in HDTV or EDTV.
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