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How long before it picks up 2 week schedule?

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Recently, my utv recorder was shut down when the power failed for 10 secs during a storm. It stopped working for an hour and came back on by itself. The following problems arose:

1. It lost the guide (had the guide just for the day or so).

2. Occasionally, it records only the partial show. For example, it would start at 7pm to record an hour's show but would record only 25 mins or 46 mins. etc.

I called dtv and they made me reset it - pull the plug out while the unit is on and then plug it back in. It would go through a soft reset and download briefly (not the extended guide)

I do have the dtv replacement warranty but my questions:

a. Would I have to go through msn or webtv setup before getting the full guide back?

b. How long does it take generally, before getting the full 2 weeks worth?

c. Item 2 above - is this a known bug which will eventually disappear.

I have made no modifications to my receiver.

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To avoid unwanted power failures, purchase a UPS (Battery Backup) for your UTV (and other power sensitive equipment). Usually can be found on Sale at Office Supply Stores (Clear out old stock)... Since UTVs don't use much power (Some say less then 50 watts) almost any UPS can keep your UTV running long enough to fair the common power failure.

The problems you mention don't seem to be anything serious (at the moment). To do a "quick" reset of your UTV you can use UTV Codes like 12357 from your UTV remote. You don't have to unplug your UTV which can sometimes cause problems too.

Getting the full two week quide depends on how long the UTV stays powered up AND when the UTV gets it's updates from DTV (and the stations). If you want to see how long it will take (for example) power off (unplug) UTV, then plug in and setup a recording for a frequent and regular program. (Lets say NBC Nightly News) Check back often to see how long it will take to get a full two weeks of showings...

As for partial records... check the History Log and see if there was an abnormal end to the programs. This shouldn't happen unless either the program guide shows an early ending OR the UTV is powered down at the time programs begins/ends...

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please consider this thread CLOSED. I think I found the problem, thanks to lgodavid.

lgodavid: Your comment about "or UTV powered down" got me wondering. I went back to check and found that I had accidentally plugged the unit in a switched outlet, which gets shut off when system is turned off. Hence - no update of guide, lost programs etc. Thanks for the reminder.
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