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How long can you run a PJ?

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I'm mostly looking at the Panny 300, but I'd welcome comments on any of the pjs current in this forum.

I saw a mention in a thread once about this, I think someone said running for 10 hours at a time would start shortening the life of the bulb pretty quick or something like that. I just can't seem to find the right words for a search on this topic.


How long can you run them in one sitting? Is watching a marathon possible? One of my favorite parties is to watch a series, TV or movies. Star Wars was common, but there are certainly others. In a year and a half, LOTR could be an 11 hour marathon easily. So can these PJs handle that?

And, what is the specific problem if this is not a good idea? Bulb? LCD panels? Other electronics? (never mind my eyes and brain, I'll deal with that :cool: )
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I've run my HS10 for 11 hours straight on several occassions. No problems what so ever.
I can not sit still for 10 hours never mind watching something for that long.But I guess it is good to know for football,thats 6 hours.
There are DILAs at Disney that run all day long. They also run them way past there rated lamp life. Turns out that the arc to start the bulbs really kills bulb life.
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