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How long does the Panels last?

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Hi, all.

I am wondering how long the panels on maggie last and how long the pannel on ML last, before they started to give problems, which need to be serviced or replaced? Let's assume no one actually purposely abused them in any way...

The reason I am asking is that, there seems to be lots of posts on

replacing the panels, and I have never seen any posts on replacing drivers on a cone based speaker before...

thx a lot.

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About 10-14 years or so, it says on the manual.
I had Maggie MG-1's from '82 to '03 and never had any problems with the panels delaminating, or the wiring becoming detached, etc. Still sounded great! Even my local dealer listened to them and said they'd be fine with a HT setup. But I bought a new Maggie setup anyway to get the latest technology and extended bass response.:)

I kept them out of direct sun the entire time I used them and never exposed to cigarette smoke, or extreme temps.

As long as you don't abuse them, Maggie panels should last a long time.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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