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How low is too low?

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My ceilings are 7ft tall. I have an electric screen that is 67.5" long by 120" wide plus a 12" drop. Thus the screen comes within 3" of the floor. Am I going to beable to enjoy watching a picture that low to the ground. I dont actually have a projector yet so I was wondering if anyone else has a setup quite like that or an opinion on one. Thanks. Sam
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The rule of thumb is something like 2/3 of the screen should be above eye level. But that being said I have a similar configuration. But I am about 12" from the floor. Works just fine. If you want to take it up a bit does your screen have the ability to stop before the whole 12" drop?
Electric screens (most anyways) should have a limit switch to adjust how much comes out of the case. Unless you need the 12", I would suggest stopping it before that to increase the height a bit.
Really???? I was told I can only have the screen all the way up or all the way down. If thats the case I will most definately not have a problem. It is a stewart luxus model a. Do you know if I have that ability?
Yes, there is a switch on the screen that allows you to adjust this on Stewart electric screens. Its in the instruction manual. Please take a look at the manual because although I am sure Stewart allows you to lenghten the masking only by one or two inches, I dont remember if the same rules apply for shortening the masking
Ah, I see. I hope not. Thanks Daniel.
I just looked at the manual. it says it can be taken up 4-6 inches. If my numbers are right then I am going tobe about 8" from the floor.

I have a Stewart Electric screen that is 96" wide that is only 10" off the floor. My center channel sits below the screen. Although this is probably not the best set up there was no way around it if I wanted an 8' screen. I have not had complaints from guests and I do not perceive any fatigue from watching at this level. Please keep in mind that the case the screen is in takes 4-5 inches.

Good Luck,

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