Remarkably, in the US the average person watches five hours of TV per day. Where do they find the time? How much time do you spend? Take the poll.

According to  Nielsen viewership statistics , in the U.S. the average amount of time spent each day watching TV is five hours. That is up to 35 hours a week of TV viewing, which is almost as much time spent as a full-time job! the United States leads the world in TV viewing.

Viewing habits tend to vary by age, with retirees exceeding 50 hours a week while young viewers consume about half that. Another notable trend is a decrease in "live" TV viewing as streaming continues to gain in popularity with Netflix leading the charge.

Please take a moment to answer the poll, I'm curious what the average daily TV viewing time is here on AVS Forum given that it is a site for TV enthusiasts. I come in on the extreme low end of the scale, for what it's worth.

For the sake of this poll, let's consider watching movies at home to be "watching TV" since with streaming these days it's basically the same thing. We're also counting gaming.

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