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I purchased a 34-XBR910 on the first day available. At around $3,000.00 with the matching stand, this was not a cheap solution. At the time, I knew I was getting the best possible picture. However, the size always caused a sense of "buyers remorse" given the price. This was especially true when the 960 was released with major content upgrades at a lower price soon thereafter. Then, two years ago, I saw 960's being blown out at CC for $600.00 and almost threw up in my mouth. That brings me to how many of you ended up turning it into one of the best Bedroom TV's ever?

I fought doing this given the investment and purity of image, however, my viewing distance in my HT is 14 feet at minimum. Given optimal seating distance for a 34" is 6-8 feet, I had little recourse. I ended up purchasing a Sony KDS-60A2000 followed by my current KDS-55A3000 for the main room. I must say I have been beyond pleased with my SXRD sets. Especially, the A3000.

So, how many of you are now using your 34XBR for a bedroom set?


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