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I was just curious to see how many PC's people have nowadays.

What is your configurations for each one and what are they used for?

I'll start off:


Athlon 2700+

Asus Nforce2 Ultra board w/ onboard sound

1GB Dual Channel Corsair PC3200

200GB Hitachi HD

ATI Radeon 9800NP

Samsung HLM507

My everyday PC:

Athlon 2000+

MSI Nforce board w/ onboard video

512MB PC2100


Sony 21" Monitor

My (2) "test network" PC's:

K6-2 500 with cheapy shuttle motherboards

10GB Western Digital

128MB ram

ATI Rage cards

Viewsonic 17" monitors

My (2) "roam around the house" laptops:

Compaq EVO N115

Athlon 1600+

40GB hard drives


14.1 TFT

My CD/DVD ripping machine:

Athlon 1700+

MSI Motherboard w/ onboard video


40GB Western Digital

Pioneer DVR-106 4x DVD burner

17" Viewsonic

My "someday i'll make this my media server" PC:

Athlon 800

FIC SD11 board


40GB Western Digital

Voodoo 3500

I think that's about it. My wife says i'm crazy since it's just us two with all those PC's. I say "He who has the most toys, wins" ;)

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Originally posted by What The!
I say "He who has the most toys, wins" ;)
Oh boy, a contest!


64" Philips RPTV w/9" Guns

NEC LT-150 w/anamorphic lens

Callisto case

P4 2.4GHz, 512MB RAM

160 GB hard drive

Gbit Ethernet

Radeon 9600SE

M-Audio 410

Immersive H3DII w/HD AUX


Double Stack of NEC XG-110LC (8" guns)

Digitalis Nexus Case

P4 1.7 GHz, 512MB RAM

160 GB hard drive

GBit Ethernet

Radeon 9600SE

M-Audio 410

Immersive H3DII w/HD AUX and RGBHV Add-on

HTPC #3/Workstation

24" Widescreen Monitor - 1080p

Inwin Full Tower Case

P4 2.4GHz, 512MB RAM

40 GB Hard Drive

GBit Ethernet

4x DVD-R/W Drive

iTech Access DTV

M/B Audio

Radeon A-I-W 8500 DV

Ripping Station

19" CRT Monitor

Inwin Full Tower Case

P3 600MHz, 256MB RAM

30 GB Hard Drive

100Mbit Ethernet

Dual 16x DVD ROMs

Radeon 7500 Dual Head

Media Server #1

4U Rackmount case w/16 hot swap drive bays

Dual P4 XEON 2.4GHz, 1GB RAM

16 x 250GB hard drives in two RAID 5 arrays

Dual 3Ware Escalade 7506-8

GBit Ethernet

Firewire Card

Media Server #2

4U Rackmount case w/16 hot swap drive bays

Waiting on MB/CPU/Hard Drives, etc.

Media Server #3

4U Rackmount case w/16 hot swap drive bays

Waiting on MB/CPU/Hard Drives, etc.

I was fortunate enough to be able to accquire two more cases just like the one I am using for my current media server. I am trying to get a rack cabinet to house them in, but the 24U cabinets are more than the 42U cabinets on the secondary market and my servers are VERY deep, making it a tough find.

I don't really remember my MB models off the top of my head. I am looking into getting a 54 MBit wireless bridge between my home and my office to get our 5MBit ethernet connection. I am also looking at setting up a bridge between my home and my best friend's house.

I also have a small internet/email only computer that was hacked into a Win98SE machine, but it is so slow that I don't even use it. I was looking into putting it in my car as a GPS/mp3 player, but that is a low priority.

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HTPC Client Machine (just ordered)

XP Pro

2.4 GHz Celeron (more is overkill IMHO)

512MB PC3200 Dual Channel

Asus ATI 9100 IGP chipset

TBD Hard Drive space

Video Editing Machine

XP Pro

2.4 GHz Pentium IV 800 MHz FSB HT overclocked to 3 GHz

1 GB PC3200 Dual Channel

Pinnacle Custom Graphics Board (ATI 8500 equivalent)

300 GB disk space

Print Server Machine (old video editing)

XP Pro

Athlon XP1500 or so (dont remember)

512 MB PC2100

200 GB Disk space

Wife's Photoshop Machine

XP Pro

Athlon XP1800 (I think)

Radeon 9000 with two monitors

1 GB PC2100

250 GB Disk space

Experimental Server Box

Windows Server 2003

Athlon 1.4 GHz or there abouts

512 MB PC2100

150 GB disk space

Son's machine (at college right now)

XP Pro

Pentium 2.4GHz 533 MHz

512 MB

GeForce 4 graphics

200+ GB disk space

My Laptop

XP Pro

Athlon 1.5 GHz

Radeon Graphics

256 MB

30 GB disk space

Wife Laptop

XP Pro

Duron 1.3 GHz, 256 MB, 20 GB Hard Drive

Son's Laptop

XP Pro

Duron 1.3 GHz, 256 MB, 20 GB Hard Drive

Bought, not installed in any machine:

160 GB Maxtor ($60, couldn't pass up)

180 GB Hitachi ($70, couldn't pass up)

Other relevant equipment:

Sony VX 2000 three CCD digital camcorder

Canon VR 10 digital camcorder

Replay 4504

Nikon D100 digital camera

Enough parts for several "junk machines" if I needed them


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For two people:


1.5MB Cable connection

Netgear Prosafe VPN Firewall

A/B/G wireless (turbo modes)

Cat5E cabling to desktops

My Desktop:

hacked Dell 8200 with i850 mobo

Pentium4 2.4A


2x120GB HD

ATI 9800Pro video (with dual monitors)

Dell UltraSharp 2001FP (20" LCD)

Samsung SyncMaster 191T (19" LCD)

DVI cabling to Hitachi 57SWX


M-Audio Revo 7.1 sound

Antec 430 PS, 92mm Vantec Stealth fans

WinXP Home

Fiancee Desktop:

Antec Sonata case with 120mm Vantec Stealth fans

Biostar i845PE mobo

Pentium4 1.8

512 DDR400


NVidia Ti200 video

Samsung SyncMaster 170T (17" LCD)


Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound

WinXP Pro

Server HTTP/FTP/file/print:

Antec case with 92mm Vantec Stealth fans

Pentium3 1.0

256 RAM


ATI AIW 7500 video

Samsung DVD/CDRW

HP G55 All-in-one printer

(KVM switch and 2nd input on LCD)

WinXP Pro


Sony Z505SX

Pentium II 366



Netgear A/B/G wireless

Win2K Pro

(2.5lb, 0.9in, 12.1" screen, magnesium case-)

4 years old, but still gets compliments

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Hmm, let me give this a whack...

Primary Domain Controller: built in 2000


ABIT KT7Raid Mobo

Voodoo5 Vid

SB Live Platinum 5.1 soundcard

Pioneer A05 DVD-R

Windows 2000 Advanced Server running active directory

File Server: Built in 2001

ABit Raid MoBo (forgot model #)

4 200GB Harddrives

Athlon 1400 CPU


Gigabyte Ethernet

1 unused RAID 5 controller, waiting for when I can justify needing more HD space, right now I'm at ~450GB media files,

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Originally posted by jehrico76

Wife doesn't even know about the most recent two computers, as I've been overseas since I built them. She's moving over here next summer, how am I going to explain to her why I need 5 computers?
Tell her you need one for every room? :)

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You need a case that can support dual MB's!

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Accent HT101s case

Prosilence 350 (fanless PSU)

Pentium M 1.5 Ghz

Radisys LS855 motherboard

512MB RAM PC2700

Hitachi 2.5" 40GB HD

Radeon 9500 (fanless)

Prodigy 7.1 sound card

H3DII capture card

Lite-on DVD-rom

Barco 1209s 9" CRT projector


Coolermaster ATC600

PCPowerCooling 400W (modded with papst fan)

PIII 1.226 Ghz (512KB)

Asus TUSL2-M motherboard

512MB RAM PC133

Seagate Baracuda IV 60GB HD

Radeon 9600 non pro (fanless)

RME Digi 96/8 PST sound card

Pioneer 105 DVD writer

Samsung 17" Widescreen TFT screen (1280x768)

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HP p4 2.6 Media Center PC as HTPC w/ATI 9800Pro & Mitsu WS5581 9

* 512mb, dvd/cd burner, dvd-rom, Audigy2, ATI dongle

* powerstrip, Nero, DVD Idle, MS MCE

* Outlaw 1050 AVR, Dynaco ST-70 tube amp w/new Triode board

* 2 1977 Cornwalls and 4 1976 Heresys, 1 CSW PSW1 sub

other portable and desktop HP & Compaq PCs for std PC duties (email, Offfice, etc)

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Jeesh, i guess im not the only one:

HTPC: P4 2.8, GF4200TI, Audigy2, PVR250

Gaming: P4 [email protected] (Watercooled), Raid, ATI9700pro

Visitors Gaming: P3 933, ATI9700. Works surprisingly well!

Laptop: IBM t40 (work)

Laptops: 2 POS dells from old jobs used for random stuff now and then

Kitchen: POS Dell (P3 933) with a rubber keyboard and a hang on the wall sony flatscreen. Nearly invisible.

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OK, I'll play along:


XP Home

3.06 HT P4

1 GB Dual channel DDR RAM

2 x 80 GB SATA Drives in RAID

Radeon 9700pro

Pioneer DVD A05

Game PC

XP Pro

P4 2.4 (OC'ed to 2.9)

1 GB Dual channel DDR RAM


Radeon 9600pro

Office PC (for work, not games)

XP Pro

Dual P3 933 CPUs on ASUS dual mobo


75 GB IBM Deskstar HD

Geforce2 MX

Hercules Game Theater

Old Game machine, now for testing new software/drivers

XP Pro

1.2 GB Celeron

512 MB RAM

20 and 40 GB ATA HD

Radeon All-in-Wonder

SB Live Platinum

I-Mac ($2000 clock radio that sounds like crap)

upgraded to 512 MB Ram, OS 10.2

Domain Controller

WinXP Pro

533 Mhz Celeron

512 MB Ram

20 GB HD


Win 98

P2 333

20 GB HD

384 MB RAM

64 MB GeForce Deluxe

This machine just runs emule and newsgroups to download software 24 hrs/day

Wife's PC

XP Home

AMD 3000XP

160 GB HD



DVD Players - 3

DVD Drives (PC) - 6

CD Burners - 4

Gigs of HD space - over 500

LEDs in my computer room - unknown

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I have six PC's and one laptop at the moment, without going into detail on all of them, below is my dual HTPC setup:

PS: What I have found interesting is that due to my HTPC hobby, my HTPC has evolved into the most powerful PC in my house, whereas previously my Office / Gaming PC was always the performance leader.

Can I assume this is pretty much happened to everyone here?


Pentium 4 2.40C 800FSB (hyperthreading on)

Asus P4P800 (865PE) mobo

Kingston HyperX PC3200 512MB dual channel memory

Gigabyte Radeon 9600 (fanless) video

M-Audio Delta-410 multichannel sound card

FlyVideo 3000 video capture (SAA7134)

2x Seagate 120GB 7200.7 drives

Pioneer 106S slot loader DVD-ROM

Pioneer DVR105 DVD-R/RW writer

Zalman Silent Power Supply

Silitek SK7100 infrared keyboard / mouse

VGA port1: Panasync 21" S110 monitor (1024x768 or 1280x960)

VGA port2: XG1352LC Projector (1280x720/72Hz or 1920x1080/60Hz)

S/W: XP Pro, WinDVD, DScaler, iuVCR/HuffyUV, Powerstrip etc.

USE: Primary HTPC for movie viewing, and other use via monitor while HTPC2 is displaying TV on the DLP.

(nb: can play 1080p WMV9 smoothly at 70-80% CPU)


Celeron 2.4Ghz

Asus P4PE mobo

TwinMos 512MB PC3200 memory

Gigayte Radeon 9600 (fanless) video

SBLive SPDIF sound output

FlyVideo 3000 video capture (SAA7134)

2x Seagate 80GB 7200.7 drives

Pioneer 106S slot loader DVD-ROM

Enermax Whisper Silent Power Supply

VGA port1: Panasync 21" S110 monitor (shared using autoswitch)

VGA port2: InFocus X1 DLP Projector (800x600/50Hz - PAL/60Hz - NTSC)

S/W: Win2K, WinDVD, DScaler, iuVCR/HuffyUV, Powerstrip etc.

USE: Primarily for general 4:3 TV viewing and 4:3 DVD viewing - RPTV replacement.


OK, and my Inventory:

DVD Players - Zero

Televisions - Zero

(unless you count my 29" RGB-in TV which is an Xbox monitor for my son - but the tuner doesn't work, so not really a TV anymore!)

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I'll chime in on this one too:

External USB 2.0 4x DVD+-R/RW for backups

Dsl connection w/100mbs wired connection throughout the house & 11mbs wireless


XP Pro

3200+ AMD

512MB PC3200

Raedon 8500 w/comonent adaptor

Revo 7.1

myHD 100

40GB OS drive

120GB HDTV Drive

16x Dvd



XP Home

1.8 Pentium M

512MB PC2100

40 GB drive

wireless connection


XP Pro

1600+ AMD

512MB PC2700

nVidia Gforce2 GTS

60GB OS Drive

80GB Music Drive

4x DVD

16x CDR/RW

Server (in progress, mainly for me to learn linux):

SUSE Linux

450 PII

512MB PC133


HTPC 2 (have parts, but no time to finish):

(for basement 32" sd tv, music is the main purpose)

XP Pro

Duron 900

256MB PC133


Raedon VE

Fortisimmo II

Theres another 450 PII in the closet I have no idea what to do with. My fiance's work was giving them away, and I can't resist free computer stuff.

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An amateur for sure, but here goes:

Wife/kids PC (the "we don't care if it crashes" PC):

Dell Pentium II 400 Mz

XP Pro


384 MB RAM

Geforce 2 MX

- used for email/dowloading/gaming (disneyplayhouse)

Media PC (homebuild) :

PIII 866mhz, 512 MB RAM

nVidia Quadro Pro 2


60 GB OS drive, 80 GB media Storage drive

M-Audio Delta 1010 soundcard

Canopus ADVC video converter

Sony TV monitor for video Editing Preview

M-Audio SP-5B studio monitors (have 6 of these)

M-Audio SP-8S subwoofer

MOgami TRS cables

Sony DVD-+R/-+RW burner

Vegas 4.0

Sound Forge 7.0

ACID Music 3.0



Cinema 4D

- for anything digital media!! (but mainly video)

HTPC (the "Widowmaker", homebuild):

Antec Sonata case

P4 3.0 GHz

Zalmun quiet CPU cooling fan

1 Gig RAM

Sapphire ATI Radion 9600

Sony DVD drive

40 GB OS drive, 120 GB media drive

Fusion II HDTV card

Echo Audio MIA soundcard

used with Sony 1031Q CRT projector


Right now, all 3 PCs share the same monitor and mouse, two share the same keyboard, the HTPC has its own wireless keyboard/mouse.

Not bad for a hack...

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Do Unix machines count?

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I love this:


Accent HTPC case

P4-2.6Ghz 800Mhz

MSI Neo 865PE

512 MB DDR400


16x DVD drive


Chieftec Case

P4-2.6Ghz 800Mhz

MSI Neo-2 875P

512 MB Corsair XMS DDR400

40GB, 80GB, 120GB HDs

Pioneer A05, 52x CDRW, Toshiba 16x DVD

Media Server:

Chieftec Case

Athlon XP 1700+

Abit KR7A

512 MB PC2700


4x200 GB RAID 5

Promise FastTrack SX4000 with 128MB cache

D-link GBE

16x DVD


Dell Lattitude p3-500, 256MB RAM, 10 GB HD

Dell Lattitude D600, P4-M 1.7 Ghz, 512MB RAM, GBE, 30 GB HD, DVD/CRDW

The other stuff:

iMAC classic - my daughters

Sun Sparc 10

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I have only two, I feel so inadequate!!!


Divine 4 Silver case

Intel 845 WN mobo w/ P4 2GHz

256 MB PC133 RAM

Memorex DVD/CD-RW drive

(1) 100gb & (2) 160gb maxtor HD

(4) 120GB drives via firewire

Radeon 9500 pro with CAT 4.1 drivers

M-Audio DeltaDio 24/96 sound card with .27 drivers and XP SP2 QFE audio fix from TT

MyHD MDP-120 with latest beta

Firewire card from somebody or another

some crappy modem card I dont use

ATi HDTV purple DVI adapter

TT v1.5.56


MyHTPC front end

DVD Region Free


DVD Shrink


Toshiba Tecra blah blah blah

Win 2K etc etc etc

work laptop, you get the idea!

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Updated HTPC - Built 9/2003

Case: Kanam Accent HTPC Case

Power Supply: 430W Antec TruePower (2 fans; quiet)

Motherboard: Asus P4PE motherboard

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8MHz CPU

CPU Cooling: Thermaltake Copper

Case Cooling: Thermaltake Smart Case Fan

Hard Disks: Western Digital Caviar 10 GB IDE HDD (OS only)

Seagate 120 GB SATA HDD (10 GB partition for system backup; 110 GB for data and HD recording)

Video Card: Radeon 9500 with Catalyst 3.6 drivers

Sound Card: M-Audio Delta 410 Card

HDTV Tuner Card: MyHD MDP-100 Card

Capture Card: FlyVideo 2000

Media Server -- Built 10/2003

Motherboard: Asus A7M266-D (Dual Athlon MP processors, 64-bit PCI slots, etc.)

Memory: 512 184-pin DDR (PC2100) DIMMs

CPU: Single 1.8GHz Athlon MP

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 40GB IDE Drive (on primary IDE controller) (OS and software)

CD-ROM: Plextor CD-RW

RAID Array: 3Ware Escalade 7500 Parallel ATA Raid controller card (8 port)

Video: Elsa Gladiac

RAID Drives: 7x120GB Samsung drives (cheapest/GB at time)

Sound: M-Audio Delta 410 feeding whole-house audio system

Other Odds & Ends

Dell Axim PPC, 300Mhz (runs MusicLobby and DVDLobby)

ProGear 1050SE, running WinXP Pro (touchscreen control for theater)

Viewsonic 1500 Airpanel (connected to server; runs MainLobby apps and controls whole-house audio)

House Wiring

Structured Wiring throughout (2 coax/2 Cat5e)

DirecTiVo modulated onto coax for distribution to bedroom and kitchen

Stereo sound (from media server) distributed to all rooms via Cat5 with Unicom baluns

Network and two phone lines throughout house

DSS (DirecTV) to bedroom and HT (3 LNB HiDef dish)

UHF Antenna to bedroom and HT (for HDTV OTA)

Future plans? To build two small form-factor PCs to run flat-panel displays in bedroom and kitchen and to provide true zoned audio playback.

Thinking of something along these lines:

Case/Mobo: Shuttle SB51GB

CPU: Intel Celeron 2.4 GHz 400MHz FSB

Memory: Crucial 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-2700

Video Card: High Tech RADEON 9600SE Video Card, 128MB DDR, 64-bit, DVI/TV-Out, 8X AGP

Video Capture Card: AVerMedia PCI Video Capture Card (or FlyVideo2000)

HDD: IBM 60GB or whatever I can find lying around

- Ken

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Here comes the Bandwagon:


Athlon 3400++

XP Pro

NF7-S Motherboard

Radeon 9800 Pro at XT levels

1024 mb Pc4000 memory

2 80 gig hdd in raid 0(72 mb per second sisoft)

8 Fans and Gpu silent cooler on rheostats

Wired Ethernet-100mbps

56" Panasonic HDTV

Bedroom HTPC

Dell Celeron 2.0

XP Home

684 ram

Mx440 pci Video(mod)

2350 MB

4X 80211b

30 gig HDD


Laptop(ripping machine)

Dell Inspiron 8200

P4 2.4

1 gig ram

Dual spindle(DVD and CDRW)

Overclocked video

4X 80211b

30 gig HDD


Obligatory POS

Gateway p3 233

2 gig HDD

video...what's that?

closet lurker....

Man I am a computer slut.....not as bad Mr Poindexter though...Hehehe
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