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How many Seleco HT models are there ?

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Hello there

I just checked a link to a German Seleco dealer and found

several HT models to buy:





HT200/250 whisper

HT200/250 Ri2 (Remote Interface)

HT200 SWA (SuperWideAngle)

I'm a little puzzled! I didn't realize that so many different models are available.

Is there maybe a model that will kombine all these features in one single box:

Example HT200DM whisper + Ri2 or

HT250DM whisper + Ri2 ???

What's the SWA ? Does it shorten the throw distance ?

Here is the link: http://www.kinozuhause.de/

klick onto the GrandCinema link to the right.


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No clue what the Whisper line is...i don't think we have that here in the States.

I am assuming the Remote Interface is the projector with the box that has a bunch of inputs that uses an RGB cable directly to the projector. It is a 1k option here...not necessary if you use a scalar however. It doesn make installation easier however.

The SWA model is a very short .8 throw model for rear projection installations from what I hear.
It's easy

HT200DM => search this forum, you find enough info

HT200/250 whisper ==> ONLY WHITE CASE : a more silent version of the normal projectors

HT200/250 Ri2 (Remote Interface) ==> the remote interface is a small box with all the connections. You also get a 10 meter cable to connect this remote interface with the projector. People who don't have a scaler only have 1 cable between the projector and their sources. This remote interface is an option an can be connected to all the projectors. The HT200/250 has the remote interface already included.

HT200 SWA (SuperWideAngle) : Because of a lot of reactions at the long throw lens of the HT200, they decided to make a version with a short throw lens. BUT you lose a lot of functionality. You don't have a zoom any more, only the focus can be set (manually). In my opinion, I think you better invest in the ISCO lens : The price will be higher, but you use the fill DMD-panel and will have a bigger image, because the image is stretched.

I hope to see (and hear) the models in action very shortly. I will then give you my opinion over here.

Greetings from Belgium

Marc Bosmans www.adynco.com

HomeCinema Center
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Hi all,

what does the 0,8 throw SWA-model mean for my definitive room. How big is the picture-width, when projecting from 3,6m distance?




Graz, home town of the Terminator...
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Check from below you can find out the width of screen, throw distance and throw ratio of lens:-

width of screen X throw ratio of lens =throw distance.

Also, for 4:3 aspect screen you may find out the hight and width from the diagonal dimension as:

Diagon:Width:Hight = 5:4:3:

This means Width = 0.8 X Diagonal and Hight = 0.6 X Diagon.
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I've heard, that these special models are not official SIM2 models. Asked SIM2 for this, they didn't know of them!

There was a thread in a german forum about these "new" models. It seems, that a german dealer (or distributor) has modified the Grand Cinema models and sell it under these names.

At the moment, there are only 3 official models by SIM2:





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