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How many would go for an HD TiVo Lease through D*?

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How many would go for an HD TiVo Lease through D*? This is more about leasing an expensive piece of DirecTV HD equipment than a DVR, which is why I posted it in this forum. I think the best I've 'heard' about getting the HD TiVo was something like $700. I do not think a receiver can be safely kept for more than two years, so that's about $29/month equivalent for ownership.
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I would pay a few bucks a month... I would like the HD TiVO but after dropping 5k on the tv and stand I could not justify another 1k for the sat reciever... I would like to find an elegant solution for my HTPC to record the HD though so I can have the fredom of more space if needed.
I Don't think I'd be that interested at $29/mth...but, I might be swayable for $10-12 per month. With pace of technological advances in AV hardware (and software) leasing helps defray somewhat the overhead costs of constant upgrades.

Personally, in a related vain, I also hope soon that the current media based paradigm will change soon to one where a new content distribution paradigm is the new "king".

I.E. you buy/lease the content (a specific movie/music/etc) and whomever your content supplier/distributer is has a consumer fee structure (so much $s per month/etc) and as new technolges come out, E.G. HD-DVD/Blu-Ray/SACD/DVD-A and beyond, you still own the rights to the original content/performance; but your subscription fee allows you to always get access to the latest technology for it. The trick will be to avoid a pay per view/play morass.

Your subcription service would provide for multiple means of receiving your content, seemlessly, that you already own (plus of course to also allow sampling/trials of new stuff) wherever you so desire, mobile, home, car, wireless or wired, etc. Think of these content distributers as amalgam of: XM/Sirius radio & Netflix & satellite TV, studios, etc. Perhaps new content distribution companies/services will emerge soon as a result of mergers/etc of just these types of current companies (gotta have a lots of competition). The content distribution companies could also lease to consumers (themselves, or via allied companies) the various hardware required to receive all formats of their A/V content, so that your hardware also stays current and capable.

Another plus, no need to provide local storage for all your media...and thus also no loss of a CD/movie that is eaten/broken by the dog/child, stolen, fire or storm, damage, etc. So perhaps Digital Rights Management would be a little easier to manage, and less odious as it is today.

How many media copies/formats of the same content/performance E.G. Gone with the Wind, or Kind of Blue, DSoTM, etc does one have to own?

Question for all: What media do you own the most versions of currently in your own collection, music &/or video?

PS My apologies - I'm now stepping off my A/V pulpit ;-)
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Oh dear, I hope no one thought I was suggesting that $29/month was an acceptable leasing amount. I simply meant to say that if someone expected a receiver to work for a couple of years then at $700 this is what it would equate to.

I most certainly thinking of something around the $15/month mark (personal acceptance). And in a year or two, I would cancel the HD TiVo for a month, send back equipment, and hope for renewed HD TiVo lease service with newer equipment. :)

Personally, I can handle $15/month, but $700-1000 I cannot.
I think it would be a good ideal if D* would lease HD Tivos because of the changing technology it would make cents to lease .....Here 's hoping that they try it. I have D* and V* . V* has promised a lease plan ???for their DVR but who knows....they have a lot of problems with the moto box that I don't like so ....Tivo is the best ...I have two of them in SD but its the nicest thing I have in my home. Go for it D* I'll but my dollars their for the future HD programing and best picture.......
I agree. At least see if HD-committed D* subscribers are willing to test the offering. For instance, they could target current D* HD Package customers and see if they wanted to least an HD TiVo for $15/month. I'd bite.
It would have to be about $15 or under to compete with cable, including the Tivo fee that is.
Why would it have to compete with cable? Why can't it compete just with E*? Also, does cable provide for a capacity of 30-hours of HD storage?
Why? I've had my hacked regular DTivo for over 4 years, and plan on having it at least 4 more unless D* changes the signal and obsoletes it. I don't see them coming out with anything much better than the HDTivo is now anytime in the next 2 or even 4 years.

Originally posted by TheFerret
I do not think a receiver can be safely kept for more than two years
I spent the $900.

I'd pay $14.95 to lease a second one.

I believe the average life of one of these is at least 4 years. I have a 4+ year old one that I, too, have no intention of replacing anytime soon.
Turls, it is my personal experience that makes me say this. First household TiVo died at about the second year mark and was replaced under DirecTV's Protection Plan (DPP). Second household TiVo died a month into ownership and got replaced DPP. Second household TiVo died again within a week of the first household TiVo, and again got replaced under DPP. HD STB died with a month of ownership and like the TiVo's got replaced under DPP.

As you can see, while all other components seems to be fairly resilient in my household, STB equipment seems rather fragile.
DirecTV will be forced to lease HD DVR's soon. The cable companies will be leasing them and they will have to follow.

For now they have been able to sell their entire productoin at near list price.

I suspect they are waiting for component and production costs to fall before making the move toward lower prices and leasing.
I do not see why production costs should force them to wait. By leasing (non-ownership form of leasing; no-buyout), the inventory stays on their books, and as such they can depreciate accordingly.
I purchased one in July and feel that 1K is just too much for this unit. Yes it records hd but it has its problems. I would lease it now rather that purchase it.
Jeff, I have a friend named Jeff and he said the exact same thing (re: HD-TiVo problems).
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