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I'll address a couple of points. But you know before I do, you have to remember that English is not a precise language. The word a has a specific meaning, just has the word some.

1. Well, it was not clear to me based on your first post in this thread that there was a linkage between your fix screen and curved screen. In terms of the size one impacting the other. For sure, if you make a dependency then that's what's important.

3. I did not understand what you wrote in the quote above. It's not clear to me what you're saying. But I will say that double stacking projectors increases brightness for any projector set up, not just 3D setups. This was a reason why projectors were double stacked years ago. Does not mean it was the only reason.

I'm aware that with 3D setups double stacking is more popular, because of the light loss. But the root chords is always a projector that's too dim.

4. As to the constraint of reducing light by 75%, I did not imply anything related to passive or active 3d. I'm explicitly stating that when someone offers a constraint to use a particular product that will reduce light output by 75%, that limits the number of solutions, and or introduces a bunch of new products to offset said reduction.

I've read no reports that an active 3d system reduces light by more than 75%. You're making blanket statements related to lumen reduction and it really is depending on the system as a whole.

A. Of course you can keep your stuff in a box as long as you want. I use that as an example of you ignoring members advice. You kept it in a box for two and a half weeks while asking the members how you should adjust the particular settings of your display. You weren't even willing to try the settings. You got quite a bit of negative feedback as I recall.

What do you mean room to set it up? The top of the box pops off. You've got a TV sitting in the lower part of the box which doesn't have to move. You plug it in, connected to the internet and you use the built-in apps to watch content and determine your motion flow settings.

As for that fiasco related to your internet speed for 4K streaming, I just quoted you above and you said some computer experts said that could possibly be the reason. We told you to power on your tv, install one app from the Play store that measures your speed, and determine your speed to the tv. You only need about 25 megabits per second download to stream 4K content. You kept going on and on about 100 megabits or 400 megabits and we kept trying to tell you you only need a 25 megabits. But you did not take our advice. And for weeks she was still talking about your damn ethernet cable :)

As for the infinity speakers, let the record show that you had the AVR when you were asking about toe in. I don't blame you for not wanting to set things up. But the members had told you just set up your speakers and try it for yourself. But you don't. One member, who is distinguished, stated you would not want to set it up yourself and test it with your ears in your room, but you are willing to take someone else's advice over the internet. That said a lot.

As as for your comment about trolling, I make no such determination. AVS forum is for all. I'm not the only one who try to help guide you in the right direction. Your system is not nearly as complicated as you think it is.

And on that, now I will bow out. Because I think I served my purpose in this thread. I got you the help that you so desperately wanted. Now the rest is up to you.

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