Many  headphones  provide a superb listening experience, but have they supplanted speakers for music listening at home?

At the recent AES conference on the future of audio-entertainment technology, one presenter claimed that over 85% of music listening is now done on  headphones . I don't know how that was determined or even if it's true, but it led me to wonder about the listening habits of AVS members.

Of course, listening to a portable player on the go is almost always done on  headphones , but when you bring that player home, you can connect it to your main audio system or one of the myriad wireless-speaker systems available today. On the other hand, perhaps you prefer listening on  headphones  even at home—or you're compelled to for the sake of domestic tranquility.

So my question to you is this: How much do you listen to music at home on speakers versus headphones? I realize that the choices in this poll form a rather coarse scale, so select the ratio that most closely reflects your listening habits; it needn't be an exact match.