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how much does it cost to get someone to do everything?

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i just want someone to come in, design my HT and make it and put all the equipment in. how much would that cost? and does any one firm do all of this? or do i have to hire a designer, contractor, and professional a/v installers.
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I have no idea. How much do you want to spend?

That will answer your question.

Could cost a cold brewsky for a techy neighbor to hook up your HTiB, or it could cost millions of dollars. Unless you have an idea of what you're after, we have no idea...
what you guys are doing.... a room with a 100inch projector, a nice 5.1 or 6.1 system, a stack of av equipment and with two rows of theather seating. black walls, soundproof room, etc. what most of you guys are making, a room like that. how much would it cost for someone to make a respectable home theather.
I *really* hope you're trolling and not serious, because your question makes absolutely no sense. What you've just said is essentially "I want to buy a vehicle. It should have four tires and a steering wheel. How much will it cost?".

The information you've given doesn't provide any help at all. You need to define your parameters MUCH more tightly, and even then the answer will vary depending on where you live, how much of a hurry you want it finished in, and any number of other factors.

If you're absolutely desperate for an answer, as was previously stated, the only answer you can be given now is somewhere between the cost of a case of beer and millions of dollars.

First of all most of us, "Guys" are not having someone come in and completely design and build a theater for us and fill it with equipment, because for one, if we were we would not need to be in a forum such as this.

There are some here that have used designers , or contractors or AV specialists, and I use that term with reservation, since many of the "Home theater" stores have less of a clue what's needed than the man on the street.

People here have put together their own home theaters from from a couple thousand, real basic set up to multi hundred thousand.

I am a do it yourselfer have NO professional assistance at all, and my theater which is about 18'X15' has soundproofing treatments ,two rows of Theater seats, an acoustically transparent screen, 720p projector, anamorphic lens, 7.2 speaker system, Bass shakers, and some kick butt electronic equipment, carpeting, lighting, AC, the obligatory POPCORN machine, and other concession area goodies, cooling fans for equipment and projector.

Hm I am sure I missed a few items, anyway still working on it and up to roughly 60K for it so far.

Now if I had hired someone to come do that for me???? take a guess.
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A friend wanted a theater, didn't have the time or interest to DIY but had a checkbook. After visiting a couple of home theaters came up with some basic parameters for his.

He then talked to a contractor who had "some" HT experience.

The ceiling had to be removed and a return duct relocated (to the side rather than right down the middle of the room), then the ceiling rebuilt with a soffit and rope lighting. Risers were built and carpet installed. A few decorative 1/2 columns were installed and a front stage (Minimal) and speaker "NOOKS" were built (against my advice). Sconces added and wiring reworked. and Window tinting applied to the glass panel door. No soundproofing or acoustical treatments other than insulation in ceiling. The room was repainted.

He bought a Sony Ruby and a Stewart screen and a Middle atlantic rack.

His contractor hung the projector (with the help of one of his buddies who knew a little about it) and hooked up his equipment.

He already owned speakers, DVD player and receiver,

He ordered 8 berkline chairs from an internet vendor.

He said the construction tab was 25K and I think the equipment/chairs was about 15K

Just for one reference point.
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I'll do it for $2.5 million, assuming you are somewhere in the U.S.
I'm one of those people you would call to do everything.

For a typical theater I usually tell people the price of admission is around $25k-$30k for me to design, sell, install and project manage everything, and from there the sky is the limit.

Getting fancy gets expensive, especially with the room buildout, seating and acoustic treatments.
Your question is a bit vague...

But, here in the Northeast, to build a 14x25 room (not HT) in a basement with electric baseboard heat, no AC, drop ceiling, one layer of drywall, standard base & door trim will set you back $30K.

Luckily that was my neighbor's house and not mine. Given that figure I'd hate to guess how much my 14x23 sound treated theater, lobby, and bathroom with central heat/AC would cost to have built for me.
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Well what do you know?

Once again, my BPE (Ball Park Estimate) holds true. In one of many prior threads about "how much this will cost" I came up with the Standard BPE of 30K.

To recap, it seems that in my area (Northern VA/DC suburbs) no matter what you want done by a contractor, the BPE is $30K. If you bite, he drops everything on all of his lesser contracts, comes to your house to get started, and then goes back and finishes the others and then finally gets around to finishing yours. From what I can see, this appears to be spreading around to other areas of the country as well.

I'll do it for $2.5 million, assuming you are somewhere in the U.S.

Not to start a bidding war or anything, but I can undercut that bid by $250K! And I'll put in writing that I will only disappear for 6 months at a time after starting demolition.

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i cant make a theather by myself. i am not good with DIY projects and I am pretty bad at anything to do with "house" projects. Thats why I am asking whats the average price for someone to come in and make me a mini-movie theather. The example below is a HT that I have in mind.

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Originally Posted by dariustos /forum/post/0

The example below is a HT that I have in mind.

Couple of things about that theater for your planning.

The box at the bottom holding the subwoofer will cause all kinds of resonance issues muddying the sound unless it's properly filled with acoustical treatment.

The location of the center speaker below the screen will likely make the dialog less clear for the middle seat of the back row of seating. The front row blocks the direct sound path to the rear seats. Better to have above or behind an acoustically transparent screen. It looks like the R/L seats can see the speaker so it may be a problem just for the center.

It looks like that theater might have acoustical treatment on the side walls between the columns which is a good practice.

I would have painted the recessed lighting trims and used darker color outlet and switch plates.
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Where you live is a factor. But I believe Dennis Erskine's crew does travel. They did CPanther and another guy, he writes columns, his name is slipping my mind.

I think when CPanther was asked he said more than a Toyota, less a Bentley - - or something like that.
Lets try this again.

How large is your budget?

How much money are you willing to spend?

If you have no idea what you want, then figuring out how much something that you have no idea about is going to cost isn't going to get you any answers.

The theater pictured above you could build aesthetically for not too much money if the room is already basically in place, but the equipment costs could vary tremendously depending on what kind of performance you're after. I mean, there are just so many variables having to do with room design and equipment design, just building a theater that "looks" something like that picture could cost very little, or a whole lot.

You should visit some HT design companies near where you live and spend some time educating yourself about what kinds of capabilities are out there, because at this point it seems you have no idea what you want or what is available, so obviously it's going to be impossible for anyone to give you much assistance.

I mean, we still have no idea if your budget is 10K, or 100K, or what.
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We got some qoues for a 12 x 20 room plus a couple of closets, no special wiring but double drywall, GG, RSIC (we provide GG and RSIC). The estimate was about $40k.
John Kotches is the reviewer that Dennis' crew did. He writes for Widescreen Review.

These guys aren't trying to badger you, they're really trying to find out what you're after. Just decideing between painted walls and cloth walls can change the price of a project by a couple thousand dollars. Carpet can vary a couple thou - as can seating. Don't even think about the differences in price for PJs or speaker systems.

Also very true is the huge difference in material costs and labor in different areas of the country. If we knew where you were, we'd at least be able to take a resonable guess as to whether the labor is going to be on the high or low end of the spectrum.

Reasonable estimate? In most places if you look around for labor, have reasonable expectations, buy middle of the road mainstream equipment, etc. - you should be able to do a decent sized room for around $40k. But that can vary a LOT depending on the 100's of variables.

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Room is already in place?

The cheapest I really see is going to be $10K to $15K. And that would be at the lowest end of the scale.

There are a couple of threads on here now where one came in at $10K-ish and the other 12K-ish.


Oh good, looking at these estimates it seems I'm not getting hosed after all! Seriously though, I do sorta understand what the OP is asking. When I got my blueprints from Rives I didn't actually have a good idea of how much it was going to cost to actually build the room. Since it was fairly specific on how it was to be built within the constraints of my room it wasn't possible to get a good estimate and I ended up doing it on an hourly basis which is rarely in the interest of the payer. It has worked out well because I trust my contractors not to hose me too badly. It's nearly done and in retrospect I think it's been a fair price, close to what I had suspected.
A home theater can cost more or less than a kitchen....or a cheap house or a spendy house. It can cost you a weeks salary or a decade of stock options.

Only you know what you are willing to or can afford to spend.
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