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How much for multiple UTV receivers?

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I'm thinking of getting another UTV receiver for my bedroom so that I can watch CNN while exercising and have additional tuners for those times when there are more than 2 programs on at the same time that you want to record.

I know I need to have a multiswitch to feed the satellite signals to the UTV box in the bedroom. And to mirror my signals, DirecTV will charge $5.00 extra per month. That's no problem.

From what I've been able to understand, the UTV service charge of $10 is good for any amount of UTV units in my house. In other words, I will not have to pay $10 for each unit in the house. Is this correct? Reading some of the posts from UTV addicts, it sounds like they are charged $40/month if they have 4 UTV units in their home.

I am aware that DirecTV may want to charge you $10 for each unit, but others have said that if they just kept calling DirecTV, they eventually got a service rep who agreed that the $10 charge was for any number of UTV units. What can I expect when I get my second UTV receiver and call DirecTV to activate it?
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You pay $10/month for UTV service. That feature is "mirrored" on all your receivers. You do NOT have to pay more for each receiver.

Do you pay more for each receiver to get HBO/Cinemax? UTV is the same way. Think of it as a channel that you pay for. (It happens to be channel 1020).

Once you pay for UTV all you have to pay extra is the $5 per additional receiver.

I hope this helps.

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