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TV: LG 50PK350

Cal: i1diplay 2

Software: HCRF

Source: LG BD390

Hi guys,

I calibrated my TV in february this year with i1Display 2, I calibrated my tv directly after I had buy it.

My TV has bin burning for about 8-12h a day up to today.

And now I re-calibrated the TV, and I see that the graphs is way off.

It's a little redish m.m.

You can check it out by your self, I have attached the graphs.

I got my contrast set at 88, when I read 100% white I got this results:

100% white:

cd/m2: 95,84

ftL: 27:959

Y: 95,626

So I think I need to set the contrast to 92 and re-calibrate my TV.

You probleby think that 92 is way to high for my contrast.

But I got my gamma set to high in my gamma settings.

I just wonder if this is normal that calibration gets so off?

Or is it my i1display 2 who is broken?

Or its maybe because I have updated my TV and my source FW several times.

just one more thing.

Shod I aim for 110-130 cd/m2 and ftl at 30-40? I got a plasma TV.

I hope you understand my bad english.


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My i1display is broken, doooh!

Just finish a conversation with xrite and i'll send it back to them to replace it.

Here is there answere:

The unit is defective and needs to be replaced. All measurements are slightly blueish, then software tries to compensate by increasing magenta/red. We had also red color cast on our monitor.

As the device is still under warranty (until November 2012), we would like to replace it FOC with a new device.
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