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How reliable are SVA WM56373 30" 1280x768 Silver LCDTV

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Hi, currently i have two deals at my fingertips, both being exactly the same amount.

One is SVA's 30" LCD TV 1280 x 768. I haven't heard of this brand before, and below is the link for the description and pricing.

Other one is Syntax Olevia LT32HVE. 32 inch and E edition. I can get both of these at same price, but i haven't heard neither names before I got into LCD buying process.

They are both at the same price, and very below MSRP prices.

Please let me know ASAP, i'd appriciate the help!!!!
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Syntax is well liked here. The 32" won a product of the year award from "The Perfect Vision' a high end AV mag.

Don't know anything about the other.

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