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I have stumbled upon this site looking for some ideas for my home theater room. It seems like most people on this site use a projector and have a dedicated HT room. My setup is a 20' x 15' room in my basement with a 50" plasma mounted on the wall. I have an Onkyo 706 receiver and Polk speakers. I would like to build an in-wall cabinet to house my components: DirecTV receiver, Blu-ray, Onkyo receiver, PS2, games, movies, subwoofer (can you house subwoofer or does it need to be outside the cabinet?)

I think it would look nice to have a cabinet built into the wall with shelves for the components that slide out and a glass door on the front. I won't have rear access. The front, right corner of my room(about 8 ft to the right of my TV) juts out and would give me more depth into the wall to work with. I would have about 26" into the wall before I run into a concrete exterior wall. If I built the cabinet into the wall directly under my TV, I would only have about 11" to the concrete exterior wall. My components have a depth of about 9" so that might be pretty tight with the wiring in the back but it is something that I would prefer to do if possible. I have a contractor that builds custom cabinets. Has anyone done something similar and is this possible? Is overheating within the cabinet an issue? I'm just looking for some ideas and possibly pics. I've seen a lot of pics on this site of very cool racks, etc. I'm not looking to spend the $ required to build such an elaborate setup and won't have rear access. Just something simple to house my components within the wall. Thanks for any help!
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