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how to add black drop to the top of a manual screen?

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I am new to this forum and hope someone can help me. I've read countless posts and don't see my particular situation addressed, so if this has been covered here before, I apologize in advance! :)

I bought a used 106" (diagonal) screen, Panoview by GrayWolf II. It's 8' wide and 16:9 format. Retracts manually and will hang from the ceiling.

My ceiling has a recessed area (8" x 8" x 108") in it where I will mount the screen. My ceiling is 10'6" (126") high. My room is 23' deep and 18' wide. I will put the sofa facing the screen at the optimal distance (I haven't figured that out yet but probably something like 11' or 12'). The viewable area of the screen is 92" wide and 52" high.

It seems to me that the top of the viewable screen should be about 6' high. When the screen is pulled down all the way, there is a black drop of about 6". Keep in mind my screen will be mounted in the recessed area (more or less hidden).

My question: Can I remove or cut the black drop at the top and add more fabric? If so, can someone recommend what type of fabric and glue to use? The only purpose is to make the screen drop more, not for viewing area of course. I'd appreciate any ideas.
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This is not an easy do.

The material you choose would be best suited as being "bridged" between the exiting material, by cutting off the Screen....extremely straight....2" below where it comes out of the Casing, leaving a full 4" coming off the Screen surface.

After cutting some "Black" Black Out Curtain material (check Walmart...they have some curtains like that but I'm not sure about how long they are...100" long is a Looooong Curtain....) to the width of the section needed, use Fabric Tape w/Fabric Glue to attach both edges to the exiting Drop material.

The Taped section must be FLAT....no bumps AT ALL or when you retract the Screen and leave it there for a while, a dented line ( or several) will show up across the Screen.

"Iron on" Fabric Tape (Hem Type) might be better if you can find it in a long.

Success in this will be subjective at best. The real issue is that when you need a significant Drop, you need to order a Screen that has such...adjustable if possible. Trouble is...I don't know of any such screens that come in a comparable shade of reflective Gray....they are all "Matte White". There are amlost for certain some Customized options out there, I'm sure, but nothing remotely priced in the Gray Wolf's range.

Anyway, your treading a slippery slope here. Once Cut, that screen will either be re-made into what you want, or become a Fixed Screen on a Frame.

Good Luck....
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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