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How to add more digital inputs on dac?

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I just purchased a V-DAC thinking the switch on back would control whether the optical or coaxial input was used, but it appears to switch between the optical/coaxial and usb instead. I have two devices that output optical/coaxial: Denon 1940CI and a squeezebox.

Can somebody recommend a decent optical or coaxial switch that will allow me to have both units hooked up to the DAC? I'm hoping I can get something fairly cheap, small, and attractive. Or would there be some cheap way to utilize the USB instead?

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Maybe this for $30? You can call Ram Electronics or Parts Express (toll free #'s) and tell them what you're looking to do. Write down the part #'s for their suggestions and use the web for more info.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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