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I didn't see this question answered anywhere else so I guess this is not a common issue. I bought my Samsung 1.5 years ago and Whenever I watch HD content via the HDMI input 1 the picture is too low on the screen. Football scores on the bottom band are cut off and at the top there is a black line that has some flickering white lines. It's pretty obvious to me the position is set incorrectly and skewed low for anything passed through HDMI 1.

Samsung customer service tried to blame it on the Cable Box. So I moved the HDMI to the HDMI input 2 position and the picture is centered properly when using HDMI 2. Is this an issue I will have to work through Samsung or Costco or is there a way for me to adjust the position of the picture for HDMI 1 in one of the menus. I can't find a way to do it via the normal menu options.

Thanks in advance and my apologies if this is answered somewhere else.
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