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How to and Do they?

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Hi Guys, I have the Yamaha lpx500 lcd projector and it has a dvi output, so i am wondering if i can run dvi to hdmi on my future dvd player, which will be the pioneer dv989avis. Also, do they make the cable, dvi to hdmi.Regards Grassy
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I think you can try Monoprice or Blue Jeans or others that support this board and find that they have HDMI to DVI cables. Pretty common really.


As for the cable there are many manufactures of conversion cables. The following are two highly recommended here and here . When I'm in a place to purchase cables these two places are where my money is going.

As far as HDMI to DVI a lot depends. Your projector should be HDCP compliant for all of this conversion stuff to work. Some components can be more cantankerous than others.

You may or may not have a problem going from DVI to HDMI surf around here enough and you will find examples of both. As for cables they are out there and should not be hard to find.


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Bummer I got beat by three minutes!!! Always a day late and a dollar short.!!
Thanks guys that was perfect advice.Just what i needed. Happy tweeking.. Regards Grassy
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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