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How to build around service panel?

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This photo is old because some of the wall frame is already installed. However, I'm looking to build something that will hide the water meter or atleast the fuse panel. I was think of a dvd rack or something that can open up for access to the panel. Anyone ever done something like this? Hope this is the right forum for this post. Thanks.
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Maybe the door can open like a bedroom sliding closet door, but be able to store dvd's. Thanks.
Be leary of building/fire codes when covering electrical panels.
Is your circuit box on your front or rear wall? I will be enclosing my circuit box (which is on my front wall) in the left side proscenium. There will be a hinged door with easy and full access to electrical circuits. I just had my service updated to 200 amps so I feel pretty comfortable putting an access door there. The lower portion of the cabinet will hold my Laser Disc collection. The right proscenium will mirror the left with shelves holding part of my DVD collection. The screen will be in between.

Bondsan (Bob)
Take note of what Mr. Foster said.

Building codes vary but I'll bet that most state you cannot house the panel within a "closet". They do not want you to store anything around the panel.

That said, after getting the "ok" from my county inspector, I put my panel in what amounts to a very shallow closet, with a typical door. Inspector was ok with it since the "closet is only 6, maybe 8, inches deep, and has no shelving whatsoever.

You can also paint the panel box. You have a water meter on the inside of your house? I didn't know that was ever done like that.
Actual meter is inside mine too DP. There's a small wire pair that connects the meter to an outdoor counter/transmitter

Meter readers just drive by and collect the hours.

cool. out in these parts they have to do it the old fashioned way. :)

Any pixs of your panel setup? I'm interested in upgrading to a 200 amp service panel from a 150. Besides buying a larger service panel what else did you have to do(contact) to make the service upgrade? Thanks.
I put a homemade, backlit posterbox on a french cleat over my electrical panel.

Old pictures during construction:



and here you can see the posterbox removed:

posterbox construction thread:
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Buying the panel will likely be the cheapest part of upgrading your service.

How old is your house?

If the cable from the pole\\underground vault isn't large enough, you'll have to pay for that and probably a new mast.

This has to be done by an electrician and must be inspected by your local authority.

I'm not trying to discourage you, just speaking from experience.

An electrician can give you an estimate in about 30 minutes or less.

In lieu of upgrading your service, you can get a larger panel with more bays.
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The house was built in the 70's. No poles, everything is under ground.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to post on my new 200 amp panel box. Like you, my house is about 35 years old. The original service was 100 amps and about 15 years ago an electrician added a subpanel. However, we were getting some water leaking into the panel box from the outside (where the putty had separated from the entrance wire) and that was causing some problems. I decided now was a good time to increase the service amperage since I needed a few extra dedicated circuits for the theater anyway. The cost was $1750. which included new heavy wiring outside, a new grounding system, and they even ran three new 20 amp dedicated circuits for me for the theater. Two electricians started at 9:00 AM and finished by 4:00 PM. Money well spent, especially for an older home.

Bondsan (Bob)

Do you know what size wire feed the 200 amp panel? Thanks.
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