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I have a Canon HF 10 and a Sony BDP-300 Blu-Ray player. What I am trying to do is burn the raw, unedited movie footage I have on my Macbook onto DVD. I have the movies saved as .dmg files that open a disk image of what was recorded by the camera. My reason for burning it to DVD is twofold. I want to burn it as a backup copy incase of a hard drive failure as well as be able to play it on my Blu-Ray player in HD quality. What is the easiest/best way to do this? I have read that there are programs out there like Toast 9 and Revolver HD that will do this as well as allow editing but as far as I can tell, they also convert the original footage to another format. I would like to keep everything native if possible. As far as the media, is DVD-R or DVD+R more widely used? My Blu-Ray player can handle both formats, but which is more playable in more Blu-Ray units? I will be burning copies for relatives with other players. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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