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I'm very new to all this home theater stuff, but I'm a professional photographer so I understand the need for color calibrating output devices (monitors, etc).

So I have a Sony KV-32HV600 CRT that I love. I also own a Gretag Macbeth i1 Pro spectrometer with Eye-On Match.... is it possible for me to use these two together to calibrate my Sony tv? What else do I need, in terms of software or other hardware/connectors, etc. Or just a rough set of instructions/tips for a first time home calibrator?

One potential problem I can think of- the DVI port on my tv, it says "no computer" in the manual. If it's not for computers, then how can I connect a laptop to it to run the calibration?

Also, I'm a Mac guy.... I can borrow a PC laptop if need be, but if it's possible to do this on my Powerbook that would be great.

Assuming I can get all this up and running, would it then be possible to calibrate my Dad's brand new Samsung 5668 rear DLP tv, or my other buddies 50" rear DLP sony?

Thanks for the input and help! I appreciate it!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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