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Hi experts,


I need to create a sound sytem for a dining area with multiple rooms/zones, with a total of 4 speakers.

How do I calculate/determine the required specs for my amplifier and speaker selector? Or vice versa?



I tried to read up online, and have some sense of what I need to do, but i'm not very well-versed in this and dont want to make a huge mistake, or spend a lot and get something that sounds very weak. Also, don't have a huge budget. So please guide me.


I have been given the following speakers:  Kicker KB6000 Full-range:   http://www.kicker.com/kb6000

Since its a restaurant, each speaker will be full range.

These are 8 ohms, 75W RMS Power.


If I have 4 of these, the effecive impedance is 2 ohms? (based on what I read/understood)

Should i then get an amplifier for 2 ohms? What about the impedance for the speaker selector?


And what about the power - should i get an amplifier that is 75*4 = 300 Watts RMS power or slightly more.

And what power should the speaker selector support?


Basically my question is, what should be the relationship between the ohms and watts between the speaker, speaker selector, and amplifier? 

And if there are any products that work well with these speakers that would be great.


Thanks so much.

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