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How to combine .ts files

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I made a mess and now I have 100 .ts files and i want to make it into 2 big .ts files to back up on dvd for storage. Any Idea how to do this.
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Thanks just making sure I want to keep the .ts format just want them bigger files not the mess I have. Just want them on dvd for backup, burning the .ts straight as a file. Just simple storage, thanks ill look into that program.
Well it sort of works, I took first 40 files, 100M each and combined them into .ts , only problem is about after the 4th-6th clip is starts skipping around. The files are 4.3gig yet it turns them into 3.2gig or something. So either it can't do it right, or I dont know what I'm doing. Which I admit is right in either case lol.

Anyone have any more experience with this program or doing this. Frankly there isnt a whole lot of options to pick from. Its a pretty simple program. I'm just not sure if its me or the program at fault.
I know it can process at least 180 files . I record 3 hrs or CBS and put it in 1 file. The reason for a size change is tha it removes the commercials.

Use the SCAN option 1st. All the red space indicates items that are to be deleted. Then use PROCESS to combine file and strip commercials. Make sure the destination path is larger enough and change the size of the .TS file to allow for larger size.

Is the file skipping around because the recording was bad to begin with? What device are you using for playback? What type of files? What version of program?
You can also use a simple dos copy command to do it.
Can you have dos remove the commercials or does it just do a mass change?
It just does a mass join.
Its commercial free already. Just 100 100M files. Yeah I tried scan, I figured maybe it'd do a better job combining them. It does fine on the first 3 files , its perfect , same size as the original 3 files, but when it gets to next 3 it skips bad.

I tried scan, then process, and of course I changed convert to .ts leaving the final product .ts, and changed fill size from 1gig default to 4.3 gig and even higher. Still craps out at the point everytime.

Alone the files playback just fine. Powerdvd6 for playback, anyone remember that program for .ts playback back in the day. Can't remember I guess if I could find something to play back each file without pause in between I wouldnt need to mess with it.

I just have some questions about TS :)

Whats the sense in using the .ts format and not converting it to mpeg? isnt it the same quality but mpeg is smaller?

I have got a sport movie a friend recorded from HDTV (dont have a HDTV recorder myself) in .TS

It has a variable bitrate between 4 and 14 Mbps.

But shouldn´t be the original recorded movie be around a constand 20 Mbps?

would there be a difference in picture quality ?
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I believe it has to with the hardware will function with the file. Not positive though.
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